My Journey to peace village

I was really stressed out with college. So I made a decision to go to a wildlife sanctuary at the Goa border. I told only 2 people that I am going. So I set 3 alarms at 3:00am and so on. I was so excited to travel even after not knowing what would happen. So I got up, got ready and I left by 3:20am. With the help of google maps I mapped the route and I still took some wrong roads. The beginning was ok but after sometime the buildings started decreasing and the villages and forested areas started increasing. I slowly approached, a somewhat lonely road, very few souls passed by and Ganesh Chaturthi celebrations had got over that day.

I reached a forest checkpost. It was blocked by a entrance blocker. I said, is anybody there? The forest guard woke up, shocked to see me because I didn’t look like a local he ever seen before. He was curious so he started asking me questions to make sure that I was who I said I was. He asked me where I work, I said I am a photographer. He opened the gate for me. I went ahead and when I looked back. It was a beautiful scene of a lonely road with the check post and some lights. I took some photos and moved on. I reached one point where there was not a single light in sight. Nevertheless that didn’t stop me.

The first hurdle

I reached the main sanctuary entrance at  4:30am. The Forest guard woke up. I said I reached a bit early. So I sat there and later. I paid and got my ticket and I took of.

Going up the sanctuary I turned and I saw a magnificent view of the fog passing through the Forest grounds and clouds hitting the highest peaks. I went ahead to get a better view and I ended up seeing something even better.

Misty hill with lush green hills

A nice scenic setting of fog coming towards me, clouds, lush green hills, yellow browed bulbuls chirping with the Blueish orange sky which was so mesmerizing. 

An orchid

I spent some time with a flower which I photographed with the sunrise background but my day didn’t end there.

I went ahead to a village. I saw parents taking their kids to school. I went further down where I decided to scale a almost dry waterfall. I reached the middle where the water started becoming crystal clear and at the bottom were some multicolored rocks and every time a fish or dew drop touched the surface. The water would ripple producing such a beautiful effect.

The waterfall

Crystal clear water
sunlight reflection in the water

As I was checking google maps to see where I was. I saw a temple marked on the map. so I decided to visit it. On the way the road was very bad. It was made of just stones and mud. The hills were massive with valleys. I went to the end of a Goan village. The houses blew me away they were so beautiful yet so simple. I wish I own a house here. Deep in the western ghats. Just water and electricity and 1000 rupee phones is what most people use here. It was so sad to see a huge mine there in the middle of a evergreen forest. I saw another mud road which was in bad shape. I thought it must be the road to the mine. I went three kilometers on the worst road I have every been on.

The village and villagers

The village

I saw a local, I asked him where does this road lead. He said Karwar which is 100+ kilometers and before that is the last checkpost to get into Maharashtra. Than a small village. I decided to go ahead on the worst possible road you can think of. several kilometers later I reached the village ( which is in Karwar) I checked my scooter. I probably lost some parts in spite of the activa being a very reliable scooter.

The local who gave me directions

Ever few meters I walked more villagers would look at me. I told them I am a photographer, they understood. Even the dog stared at me. Wondering what is a guy like me doing here.

I met this other villager. I took his photo. He turned out to be almost blind and he couldn’t work anymore. He took me to his house and introduced me to his wife.

He was telling me to stay. I decided it was time for me to go home. Another villager walked me to my bike. It was so nice. I have never ever seen these people in my life but they welcomed me like I was their good friend and I returned after forever.

I just love the adventure and that was a wonderful experience

4 thoughts on “My Journey to peace village

  1. Beautiful story Josh. Hope college doesn’t stress you out too often though. The serendipity of your journey is amazing. Please write about your forthcoming adventures. Love, N


      1. Thanks for replying šŸ™‚
        The biscuit story is just sooo nostalgic. Keep up the exploring. And don’t fight with strangers!
        Love, N


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