Meeting kind people can make your day better

Well the day was amazing, I’ll tell you that.

I had a decent nap, after that I played a couple games of PUBG. So Pronoy ( admin of the group) put a message on the birdwatchers group at about 2:00 pm saying that a rare bird called THE BLACK BELLIED TERN has been sighted in Ponda. Within a second I made a decision to go there. I replied I’m packing, I’ll be there in half an hour. Even though google maps 45 minutes.

There was an accident on the way. A tuck fell down a hill. I went to take a photo of it from the top. It triggered something in this person standing next to me, He lost it. He said, your taking photos of the truck. I’ll throw you down and take your photo with the truck (in hindi). I said why? He said it 2-3 times in a very rude tone. I took off my helmet, I asked him is this your tuck. He didn’t reply. But that didn’t stop him. I asked him why again? I stood my ground I didn’t move, For some reason I was not scared a bit. His friend and the people on the other side of the road just watched.

Than his friend came and intervened and took him back. I put my left hand up and nodded my head like enough, enough of your crap. So those two idiots took off. A person behind me said he must have been drunk. I said no he is not drunk, I didn’t get the smell, he is definitely mad and they parked on the wrong side of the road and rode on the wrong side of the road for 30 meters before crossing.

I reached the location. But after a tiring 2 hours a from one ferry point to another I had no luck. I even crossed the ferry in search of this bird.

terns at the ferry point

I decided to go back, I set google maps and left. Without thinking I hit the brakes and turned right. I saw this shop with nice looking baked goodies in glass jars.

Baked goodies

I said “is anyone there” nobody responded. Finally a person came. I asked, how much is this. He said 160 a kilo or something. I said maka ata howpak Zai. ( I want to eat them now) He giggled, maybe it was my accent?

So I asked how much are they? He said 5 rupees one. Okay I said, give this one this one this one and this one. He packed 4 different biscuits and 1 extra for me😁.

I thanked him. I asked him if Could take a photo of him and his shop as a token of my gratitude. He was camera shy. So I went home and let me tell you.

The biscuits were amazing. They had a delightful authentic taste. I just couldn’t get enough of them. You could easily tell that they had been made with love.

The biscuits

I wish the the world was filled with more people like him.

This is the reason I love visiting villages. A life here is so simple and happy. Unlike the city.

I treasure moments like this. People like him make our journeys more joyful and special.