A glimpse of an actual ghost

My adventure began as soon as I realised that I had forgotten my charger at my place in Margao and it was 12:30 am (after midnight) I was desperate so I put a message in the photography group but nobody responded, maybe they found it suspicious because I messaged so early in the morning. I really needed that charger because my camera battery was not charged and I had my shoot at 9:30am. It’s not like I could go for the photoshoot with a uncharged battery.

So I hit the road ASAP and left Old Goa. I was very cautious and alert because at any given moment anything could happen for example, a truck breaks could fail. He might be drunk or a dog can cross the road. All these are true but I could also say that the same could happen during the day, all endless possibilities of meeting with accidents.

The experience

Well the the roads are more peaceful I found happiness in riding my scooter on the open road. There weren’t a lot of trucks. 

Yes, it was a little bit scared because the visibility at night is less. Some areas were very dark. but that’s what I liked about it and it pumped adrenaline through my veins.

as I was riding on the the road I began thinking about the quote “ you only live once”

and then it hit me “you also die once” also.

so what do I do now. should I put myself in a place with four walls protecting me or do I go out and experience the world and what it has to offer. I’D still go with “You only live once”

later on I crossed the borim bridge and just after Raia church I took a left and I was going through Raia village.

Suddenly I saw this lady on the left side of the road. She wore a unstained sleeping gown. Similar to what ladies from the 90’s wore and similar to the dress the girl in the movie called The Ring wore. She had black hair and she was looking down. I was about 40km per hour. I didn’t bother to slow down. I didn’t see much of her. After about 300meters ahead I see her again but this time on the right side of the road. The lady in the unstained white sleeping gown with black hair and looking down. I looked in my mirror as I passed her and I didn’t see her in my mirror. I didn’t stop and I went straight to my place. 

on my way back I decided to take the same route home and also to see if she was still there but I had no luck. It took me a while to realize what had actually happened.

I have no reason to lie about this incident. I am going to research about this thing more but so far no luck. 

After crossing about 12 checkposts set up by the police and doing about 90km I reached home at about 3:30 am.

Fueling up on the way back

I did this trip solo. This was a out of this world experience for me.