The reason behind me smiling🙂

Someone asked me why do I smile all the time. I think its time I finally tell you all.

It’s very simple you see, a smile is very contagious… so if I make somebody smile / laugh it makes me happy to see the person happy also because not everyone has a good day everyday sometimes a smile can change that but on other days it’s a smile for a smile. Smiling litterally makes everything better including your selfies and so much more really.

Some of ya’ll want to know why during the day I say good night, during the night I say good morning basically to confuse the day and night wishes.
Well from a logical point of view. Somewhere else in the world its night where as here it is day or the other way around but like a magician I like to keep my secrets but it’s time some you’ll knew😭😭
(🔽main reason below🔽)

But the real reason why I say it because
I absolutely love your reactions. Some of you’ll actually respond by saying goodnight and about 2 seconds later you’ll go like wait it’s the morning others give me that curious stare, I know your trying to fool me etc etc.

Honestly for me its like its definitely better than a formal good morning or goodnight also again to watch someone think, smile, laugh
It really does makes me happy to know I made someone react.

I have a very high reputation for pranking people for new people who don’t know. They will come to know soon.🤪😈🤫(so dont tell)